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"Thank you! You truly have the best school around, and the best hugs! It has been wonderful getting to know you, participating in school projects and activities, and being a part of the Broadacres family!"

Marco, Christina, David & Alastair

"We cannot begin to convey how grateful we are to you for making our daughter's first year of school such a special one. We are all so in love with Broadacres, the horses, the grounds, the fun crafts and songs and especially the teachers. Thank you for continuing the tradition."

The Draper Family

"Thank you for a wonderful year at Broadacres. Connor and Clare are so blessed to have been with each of you. They felt loved and safe with you and they just bloomed under your care. You are all beautiful people and I thank you for your gifts with our children. Childhood is so precious and I know you celebrate that at Broadacres. We will carry you in our hearts."

The M Family

"Thanks for making the first school years for both of our daughters delightful. They were memorable for all of us. We almost feel like saying, 'Four more years!'”

S & K

"Throughout the many years of teaching Kindergarten, I had the privilege of working with children who had attended Broadacres Pre-School. These children, in my opinion, were well prepared for entrance to the Kindergarten program in Palos Verdes. They showed good academic, physical, and social development which enabled them to be successful learners throughout their Kindergarten year."

M. R. (Retired Kindergarten teacher of 40 years)

"Preschool extraordinaire…experienced teachers, superb curriculum, friendly and understanding staff, opportunities with real animals like goats, chicken, and rabbits. There is no doubt that each child receives special attention and caring in an environment where everyone is treated with great respect. I have recommended this preschool to many people who have all been pleased with the superior education little ones receive at Broadacres in Rolling Hills Estates. My boy and girl loved every year at this school and the freedom to be with each other when appropriate. Their schooling at Chadwick and later Ivy League Universities was easy after such a great beginning at this first attempt in a “formal schooling” environment. One good thing leads to another! Now they are grown and successful and plan to send their children to Broadacres if they live nearby!"

Dr. N

"Our family tremendously enjoyed the Broadacres experience. Our three girls came to Broadacres and thrived in every way. Two of them are now in college doing well and the other is in middle school. Your school gave them the right start and we are so grateful. Thank you!"

G & A

"Our daughter just graduated from Berkeley ‘Cum Laude’. That is because she got her first school experience and had a great start at Broadacres. We loved our time there! Thank you so very much!"

The N Family



"Broadacres is a special place! Thank you for a great school year. Lanie and Kylie loved being greeted each morning with a big friendly hug."

The K Family

"We will never forget the time we spent at Broadacres! You made Hana a better person. We are really grateful! Thank you for your happy days!"

N & N

"We are truly blessed to have found you all at Broadacres. Thanks so much for having us and treating us like family!"

Jonelle, Sevy, Hudson, Blakely, and Logan

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