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Our founder, Bill Brown, teachig children how to garden at Broadacres Pre-School in Palos Verdes, California

In 1952, retired fireman and WWII Air Force Veteran William Stark Brown decided to open part of his beautiful three acres to love and nurture the children of the South Bay area. Nestled in a quiet, secluded area surrounded by trees and flowers, he started with small classes made up of 6 children. Broadacres quickly grew to hold 12 children.
Today, the preschool holds two sessions with 24 children each. Broadacres is a happy, busy, active school. Our days are filled with songs, stories, activities, art, laughter and playtime where the children learn to work together, share, and to respect each other.

Our Philosophy

First, we want you to know that there's a whole lot of love here. Our founder cultivated that from day one, and we're carrying on the tradition. He showed us what it looks like to bring joy to work every day and we cherish sharing that love and joy with every child that enters our school.


We care deeply about each child's emotional, physical, and intellectual development. Our curriculum is based on creating a climate conducive to all three. 


While we are so grateful for the access to technology we have in our everyday lives, we feel it is very developmentally important to have a learning environment free of screens. We place a great importance on learning from the natural environment we are so fortunate to have. We do not hand devices to children and we feel that is the best way to foster independence and creativity.


Our children develop independence, creativity, the ability to solve problems and appropriate methods of handling emotions - all of which instill feelings of confidence, autonomy and self-esteem.


Music, stories, art, movement, creative activities and familiarity with our environment are part of our school's program. Children are exposed to numbers, letters, shapes and many other learning experiences.


The development of a healthy, well-coordinated body and motor skill development is another of our goals. We try to encourage situations where the children can grow in independence, initiative and purposefulness. We want our school to be a place where they can solve problems, acquire information and develop poise, good manners and self confidence. This leads to a well rounded, highly motivated and Kindergarten-ready child who is excited about learning and is ready for the growth and development that lies ahead. 


Nurturing children and helping them grow is our passion and committment. We provide support to meet each child's needs and to help each one achieve satisfying goals at his or her level.


We want parents to be able to share in our joy by observing the happy, exciting growth and development of their children that takes place as they learn to live in harmony with others -- at home and in the world around them. 

Our History

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